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by JohnP

I'll get right to the point: I expected more.

First night in Boston - historically a U2 favorite (A club called Paradise.... 20 years ago). I expected set list to be pretty similar to previous US shows thus far..and it was. No major surprises, unfortunately. As much as I love them, I just don't why they are so intent - and seemingly content - to play mostly the same stuff every night. Still, I was shocked they didn't give the Boston crowd (which I thought was pretty involved from the get go) a "little something extra". Maybe Bad after Streets (they've done this a few times on this tour)? If you've been to a Springsteen show, you know what I mean by "a little bit extra". You just know it when you get it (I have been lucky in the past at U2 shows to get the "little extra" - Party Girl, Out of Control, Wild Honey, etc.).

A few other thoughts:
Breathe is a cool opener - though nowhere near the excitement level of show openers past such as Zoo Station, Vertigo, Elevation, COBL, and of course Streets.

ISHFWILF - opening sing along was outstanding... should have let crowd keep going. Nothing like 80k U2 fans singing their favorite songs.

Sunday and NYD - could do without, but always find myself singing along anyhow. Just can't help it.

Crazy remix - I just don't get it. The most recognizable song of the new album (and a song that has grown on me more and more)... why they are completely flipping it away from the album version is strange. As if they didn't like how it came out. The dance thing just seemed so out of place - almost forced.

UF - was looking forward to this more than any song... loved hearing it live for first time. Doesn't translate well to Stadium setting, but it's still OUTSTANDING.

Elevation, Unknown Caller, Vertigo, Stuck, COBL, Walk On, Streets.... All fabulous. Loved them. Would pay the price just to see those songs EVERY SINGLE TIME.

All in all...I'll rank this show behind favorites such as Zoo TV, Elevation, Vertigo... but ahead of PopMart.

P.S. Seats were okay... 5th row, lower level, side/back stage... right near tunnel where band came out.. very cool to get a close up of them heading to the stage - completely focused. Also where celebs were hanging... Cruise, Holmes, Diaz, etc... Friends were in Red Zone... 100% worth it if you can get 'em.

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