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by Wildhoney952

Saw U2 for the 3rd show of the 360 tour. Had unbelievable seats 118 where U2 came out. Sick as a dog from seeing them last week in Toronto I couldn't disappoint my friend who came from Maine to celebrate our b-days. The stage which wasn't my favorite of the past three tours really worked at Gillette. This set-list was exactly the same as 2nd show in Toronto. The fans in MA are just the most unbelievable and I learned this after spending the 2 shows in Toronto. The stage played better in Gillette than in Toronto and the band worked the stages better which I thought was impressive. I HATE GILLETTE - IT SUCKS getting out of the parking lots after paying $40 to park in this disaster. I wish U2 had played some extras and saw the set list from the 21st and love the Blue Room song. I wanted to hear Bad but was disappointed to not hear this song. It tooks us hours to get home but feeling good except had to go to emergency because of breathing problems. All in all it was a good show - the sound was great and the fans unbelievable. I can't wait until legs 3/4 but if they continue to to play these outdoor shows I won't be there. This was my 40th shows since 1985 and hate to say this. Rock on U2 but be more mindful of your fans. Peace.

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