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by pao6cs

This is a tale of 2 experiences. First the concert.

If you were in GA and close to the stage, the show was all about the band. The stage was huge and cool, but I couldn't tell what was happening to it during each song. The show was intimate, the sound was awesome, the band was tight and playful.

If you were farther away, the show was all about the stage. It changed colors, the screens lit up with different visuals, and from pictures, the mirror ball at the end looked spectacular. With the main problem of a stadium show being that the cheap seats never see the band or are as entertained as those close up, the stage certainly solved that problem.

I was in the GA area (with my family), about 4 rows from the outer ring, directly in front of where Bono came out for Magnificent. It was an awesome time. Made some new friends, including a very drunk one who absolutely LOVED Larry. All of the band members spent some time playing in front of us and when they were on the main stage, we could easily see them.

My one (ironic) problem with the show is that U2's setlists are so predictable. The songs from NLOTH were excellent. I, for one, was looking forward for Unknown Caller and thought the remix version of Crazy was a blast for us in GA. Elevation, Beautiful Day & Vertigo were also awesome and I'm glad they played them. My problem is that all of us can predict the songs that they'll play after the NLOTH songs. It's not like they are pulling out something they haven't played in a while that would really get the crowd going. For example, we heard nothing from Boy, October, Pop or Zooropa. It's all getting very predictable and to be honest it's lazy. The Rolling Stones have been playing for longer and each tour they dust off a few songs they haven't played in ages. Don't even get me started on Bruce... I just wish U2 could do the same. Don't get me wrong, the band looked looser than I've ever seen them, and I enjoyed the show, but...

For those going to see the show, Bono tends to play from the center to stage left (facing the stage) on the outer circle. Right of center sees more of Adam and Edge. The right side of the stadium did not really see Bono at all during the show.

Now about Gillette. Two words, IT SUCKED! Parking is awful. The GA line was terribly run. Traffic out was an absolute disaster. It took me 3.5 hours to get home and I live within 45 minutes of the stadium. And a word about the State Police, get some training on being polite to the crowd, especially the idiots on horses who were yelling at the folks walking out of the stadium going north. Somebody needs to fix the traffic, because that was absolutely ridiculous.

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