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by Jason Molina

I was blessed to attend the second Phoenix show last night. Originally I only had tix for Thursday's show. I loved it so much, that I just had to go again. I almost bought tickets from scalpers, but on a whim decided to go to the Arena ticket window. So I get to the window, and ask if any more seats were released for sale, and the man said yes. I asked if there were 2 GA's available at all, and he said 'YES!'. I couldn't reach for my cash fast enough. That was the start of a magical night.

The Kings of Leon were much better Friday than Thursday, and the crowd was more receptive to them. They do have a tough job opening for U2, and they realize it. Their drummer is really good, and singer is very appreciative for the exposure.

Thursday I was on the floor on Adam's side about 15 feet from the ellipse walkway. Tonight I wound up 10 feet from the walkway on The Edge's side. The crowd was pretty pushy up until Arcade Fire's song came on, then they mellowed out. City of Blinding Lights opened tonight. It was almost too loud, but was a very euphoric rendition as the opener. The long timers were very happy to hear Gloria and The Ocean. I only got into U2 when Achtung Baby! came out, but I knew I was witnessing a treat hearing those two songs. They didn't have the same crowd appeal as An Cat Dubh or Electric Co. did the night before, but were no less incredible. The crowd really got into Gloria as the song progressed.

The other song that was different from Thursday was Bad. I looked around to guage the crowd reaction, and the place went nuts after the first notes from the keyboard sequencer came out the speakers. The hardcore fans who check the websites daily for setlists couldn't believe it that Bad was starting as it was the first time played on this tour. Very intense driving version. Bono stayed with the rest of the band, and didn't venture around the ellipse.

My favorites tonight were Love and Peace or Else, Vertigo, Miracle Drug, The Fly and Running to Stand Still. The Edge played one his most intense solos I've heard for The Fly. He wasn't looking at anyone except for his guitar, and the rest of the band was just watching the intense look on his face.

Every single song was played awesome. I think the band was very appreciative...Bono even said 'wow' himself. Indeed. They really love Arizona, and Arizona loves them. I met some really friendly people during the show from all over the world. It's amazing how U2 can still connect to all ages and nationalities. Until next time, Jason

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