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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by PaulS

Where to begin?

I have been very disappointed all tour as I watched the setlists not to see my favorite song, "Bad." Then, after being very moved by the UN human rights declaration presentation, Edge breaks into that magical riff. Words cannot describe how that felt. I know it was coincidence, but somehow they managed to make me feel like I was witnessing something magical, historic, legendary. They do this for people every night, and that is what makes them U2.

We had GA and didn't get in the BS, so we maneuvered up right before Kings of Leon played, and ended up 5-8 rows of people back on Adam's side, A GREAT SPOT! I have to say the people around us were as amazing as the band. Everyone was feeling the magic as the band achieved liftoff and went to that special place they often talk about for over 2 hours.

This is an example of how cool the crowd was around us. My wife is 5'3" and couldn't see much. I'm 6'7", so it's a weird dynamic at a show like this. I can see everything, she can see almost nothing. I put her on my shoulders for a bit early on and she got a fantastic view, but I didn't want to upset people behind us so I put here down relatively quickly. Then, a little later, the guy next to us, who was very cool and was there with his girlfriend, put my wife on his shoulder while Bono was right in front of us. Bono looks right at my wife, right into her eyes, and belts out a verse. I know my wife very well after 10 years of marriage, and this is a moment she will never, ever forget. I brought here there for her birthday, and she said it was the best birthday present she ever received.

At any rate, I'm sure there were a few glitches, but I was in such a state of euphoria I didn't notice or care. The setlist was near perfect. Moving up Beautiful Day to second really worked well, putting four crowd pleasers right up front and then going straight into Gloria, wow! Running to Stand Still, into the human rights presentation, into Bad, Pride, Streets, and One??? I get emotional just thinking back to it.

Thank you, U2. Back in 1987 at the age of 16, after being a moderate fan for a couple years, The Joshue Tree came out, and changed my musical taste forever. I declared them "my band -- my favorite band," which they have remained ever sine. Thank you boys, for writing the soundtrack to my wife's and my lives. Thank you for being, U2!

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