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by Phil K

Well, sadly Glendale 2 marked the end of the first half of my Vertigo Tour experience. 3 shows in the books including Anaheim 1 & the two Glendales and I must say that the show is really starting to take shape as with each show they have gotten under their belt, they have gotten better, looser and appear to be having a lot more fun.

I was hoping that my U2.com membership would be my ticket into the ellipse but I was not a lucky 'winner'. However, my membership did get me to the front of the GA line after arriving at 5:30pm so I was able to secure a great spot on the floor for myself and my friends that would come in later.

Friday night's show had in my opinion the best setlist of the tour thus far. It was a fantastic mix of old & new. Having been to Glendale 1 as well, which was terrific, it was great to have the setlist mixed up a bit--especially being treated to Gloria and the first performance of Bad on the Vertigo tour. Seeing U2 is a test of endurance for a rabid fan and the triple play of Bad, Pride and Streets left me absolutely exhausted with the blistering encore to still to come.

Over the years, I have seen this band 17 times but Glendale 2 was my first GA. While GA does come with its 'whip factor', it also provided me memories unlike the other shows...& I've had great tickets for many others. Seeing and hearing the interaction b/w band members from a few feet away was really cool. Being mere feet from Bono as he sings 'love, love, love' during Streets with the house lights up and 20,000 sets of arms waving around you--how can it get any better than that?!

Now that I have 6 months to go until my 3 show run in October, it will be fun to see how the tour continues to evolve.

Unsolicited GA tip before I go...if you don't get inside the ellipse, on Edge's side--grab a spot on the railing that separates the walkway to the ellipse from the masses on the floor. It's elevated about a half inch, gives you your own personal space, ensures nobody is behind you and it provides great leverage for jumping up & down!

Phil K

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