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by gb

Went to the show on Friday night, it was AWESOME as I've come to expect. King's of Leon sounded good, but the crowd wasn't really into them. (It doesn't help when no one knows or can understand the words).

Anyway, back to the real deal. Opening with a "City of Blinding Lights" really set the tone of the show. Two other highlights were "Bad", (which I remember them performing in 1985 during the Unforgettable Fire tour) sounded great and the listing of the 7 articles of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, (which I barely knew existed)was a definite highlight for me.

The amount of political banter during the show was appropriate, considering it is a U2 show and some political statements are to be expected, too much can get a little annoying.

I took my wife to the show, she was not a big U2 fan, but I may have converted her this time!! She has been talking about the show and listening to "Bomb" ever since!!

THE BAND SOUNDED FANTASTIC!!!! Better than I have ever heard them. I was especially great to hear the applause for The Edge as he left the stage during "40".

The light show was amazing, the light "curtains" worked out well. I really liked the stage set up and the lights going around the stage and the walkway.

Definitely can't wait until they come around so I can indoctrinate my 7 1/2 year old daughter. It is assuring that as a parent I feel comfortable enough I could take my kids to the show and still enjoy the show to the max myself. Not many bands could live up to that.

Bottom line: Energy level, sound, overall experience... AWESOME!!! Definitely live up to hype of the best band in the world!!!

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