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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Mike

April 15 - Many similarities, but not at all a carbon copy of the previous night.

Memorable moments:

Different opening than the night before (City of Blinding Lights makes for a great opening, with the confetti and all, the place all lit up, the crowd on its feet, really sets the mood, really says, get ready for two hours of sheer joy).

Then Beautiful Day (unexpected positioning), putting Vertigo third, Spanish lessons in Arizona?.... I dont think so....Unos!... and then hearing the enormous sound of 20,000 chiming in, DOS, TRES, CATORCE... Wow. Plus, the Stories for Boys bit...incredible. Expect Vertigo to be played for many tours to come. Very, very strong.

Gloria - Bono introduces the band (reminiscent of the Live Under A Blood Red Sky recording ...Adam Clayton (bass bit)........ this is the Edge (guitar bit)........ Larry Mullen.....Junior.... then Bono kicks into the chorus... classic.

The Edges seamless segue from Sunday Bloody Sunday to Bullet The Blue Sky. Pay attention, its the stroke of a guitar genius (and great timing by Dallas) One of the nights many effortless strokes of a true master. Someone needs to devote an entire review to this quiet, humble guitar god. Oh yeah, he does keyboards and vocals too.

Bad A long, passionate rendering of U2s greatest live song. Not rushed like on the Boston DVD... Bono pours his heart out (you know what I mean), probably the best version of Bad I think Ive ever heard.

Mysterious Ways The woman brought on stage this night was, I have to say, unbelievable. She knew the sultry groove, and danced with Bono first on the main stage, then he walked (danced) with her around the Bomb Shelter (as Bono called it earlier in the night), and then back to the main stage for an extended ending. Her dancing was first rate... dancing is one of those things where you either got it, or you dont... and let me tell you, she had it. Bono hugged her, I mean he really hugged her when it was over and told her she was beautiful, and the screaming crowd seconded that emotion with thunderous applause. Classy bit. A real highlight of the night.

Yahweh and 40. Poignant.

This would be the show to have on DVD (but unfortunately I didnt see any video recording equipment).

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