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by Mike M

A week has passed and I am still riding the high of both nights. The first night as we walked into the arena and got our tickets scanned for the ellipse, I wanted so badly for my wife to see her first U2 show inside (I was there for Elevation Nov 2001, which was the best show ever), and WHAM she got in. I let out a bellow of Yeah. The next night it was with my brother and yes WHAM, my brother gets picked. I guess I picked the right people to gop with.

Both nights I was firmly positioned in front of Adam. For some reason I was able to get right up front. People wanna be close to the edge, but Adam is much more fun to be near. He smiles, has a great time, and makes you feel like when he smiles he is smiling at you. What a performer! All without breaking a sweat.

Ok the setlist, very good the additions of Gloria and Bad were unreal. Gloria, I havent heard in years live, so that was a nice treat. A little less political tonight than last, and more about the music. I guess I can be a little disappointed that i didn't hear some personal favorites but with 10+ cd's, ya can't please everybody. I love during mysterious ways when Bono brings a girl up, this girl had the vibe going. I spoke to her afterwards and exclaimed, "You have a lot soul." She said You know it! I loved it.
Only those up front may have noticed that after streets, Bono was a little dizzy and had a small problem coming down of the cat walk. Bono ya gotta drink water in the desert buddy. Too many heinie's I guess. I enjoyed meeting all you ellipse people, espcially Debbie and her sister, the teachers from El Paso, Tina with her elvis scarf and Dan with the Rattle and Hum esq hat. Always fun chatting with the die hards. Makes me feel like Im not that insane.

I think I may have to ante up and see them in vegas.My new favs after seeing them live. City of blinding lights. I enjoyed the opening of both. I think City is a better opener, but possibly Love and Peace as an encore? Although Love and peace with the search lights was cool. Either way, play em both.

For those of you who chose not to get the u2.com membership. Let me say Membership has it's privaleges. Both nights in the ellipse and I walked up to the arena and went to the fron of the line rather than stand in line with everybody else. I got some nasty looks but it beats standing in line. I highly recommend it. Hope all who see U2 have the same experience.

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