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by Tiffany

My Concert Review
We got there about 7pm, and until 7:30 random music was playing. The opening act was The Kings of Leon, who were absolutely great. They also invited a surprise guest on stage with them to help with a song. I liked their music, and they were working hard. If you havent heard of them, I suggest you check them out, they are real good.
At 9pm U2 opened with City of blinding lights, it was a spectacular site. The arena was packed, filled with fans screaming to them, praising them. Confetti fell into the crowd inside of the ring, and the lights were awesome. Strobe lights with rainbow colors, and lighted beads coming down every other song. Bono ever grabbed a little boy named Jason up on stage with him as he cried and sang "Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own", I'll never forget it.
People like me who had seats behind the stage didnt have to worry. Those seats were the cheapest and what most people have to stretch even to buy them, but they were great seats. Thank god for people like Bono, They took into consideration how we could see the stage too.
This concert was my first one and Im glad. I will remember and cherish it forever. When you go, make sure you get the hot t-shirt with the band on it ($35).
Bono also requested the audience to sign the One Campaign,
you can sign the pledge at :
Dont forget to dance your booty off while rockin
out to the greatest music youll ever hear.
I just want to say Thank You to All The Great People who made this all possible.

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