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by Johan

The first show in Sweden felt a little bit too predictable, they played a very basic set with hardly any surprises. Bono's voice wasn't perfect but he made an extraordinary effort anyway, and the Edge and the audience were the for him all the time...

Bono mentioned that Sweden and Ireland are related (from the Viking age) and something like "We invented you, the Irish invented Sweden..., ...you guys weren't the only ones with boats, you didn't invent boats you know"?!? He also said something in Galic (traditional Irish related to old scandinavian) and said that the only one in the band who could speak Galic was Larry.

During "Until the end of the world" Bono pulled up a photographer on the stage and did a little bull fighting but the photographer was really boring and just seemed to want to get down. "Stay" was beautiful and so were the rest of the songs but they all seemed to be routinely played, I missed some improvisation. Nevertheless the show was awsome and the band put on a show noone will forget!

Nobel peace price to Bono!!!


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