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by Asgeir Notvik

lots of cool vibes in the 'Egg' before the show started, Steve Wonder's Higher Ground and even Stereophonics sounded good. me and my friend Kjetil the Viking got in fact a bit unsure; "would U2 top this??"

but suddenly the Trippy remix sounded across and around the cool dome, and Adam, Larry, Edge and of course the LV himself strolled onstage, lights still on. without a single chord from Edge's guitar, the whole place was elevated already! my heart was racing and my feet started bouncing to the whoo whoo's.

i've never witnessed U2 inside before, and tonight the band was there to do their job, to deliver another magic evening for their fans.

Bono spoke a bit about their native tongue, Gaelic, as an intro to a beautiful version of Kite.

other highlights for me was of course Bad and even New York was so powerful, Edge's seering guitar really lifted that song. much much better than the misplaced song it is on the record.

it was so intense to stand right outside the tip of the heart, watching Bono and Edge interact up close. Especially End of the World and Streets blew us all away.

one curious thing, at the very end of Walk On, Larry seemed unpleased with something (maybe the sound in his ear monitor). he kept shouting to Sam (his tech) several times, and didn't close the song properly as a result.

all in all my best U2 experience!

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