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by Tim Greene

The lights went down, the band filed in and took their places. A muffled 2-3-4 and they slammed into Gloria. The whole of the ground floor went absolutely wild - usually there are some poseurs too dignified to leap around, but not then.

It was 18 years ago now so I can't remember all the details. Bono's mix of showmanship and sincerity was as potent as usual - after climbing the (distinctly wobbly) speaker stacks he walked along the balcony rail, singing into a handheld radio mike and waving a large white flag. The atmosphere was understandably tense - the rest of U2 looked concerned as he wobbled along. At the very back he made some suitably corny remarks about connecting with the back of the crowd - yet you could not begrudge him as he'd more than earned the right by the risk he'd taken.

Best of all was the music was supremely tight and confident, a whole set of what are now classics, with a passionate intro by Bono to Sunday Bloody Sunday about a hard-hearted friend who was unmoved by the suffering of the Irish.

I went with a heavy cold, enjoyed wonderful music and theatre, sang myself hoarse and danced to exhaustion. The next day I felt loads better!

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