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by Becky

Spirit moves in Mysterious Ways!!!Having been at the two opening shows in Miami and now to last nights show in Cleveland it's clear to me and probably everyone else who was there last night the "Elevation" tour has lifted off and taken flight into new dimensions. The vibe that was going on last night was intoxicating. The show has certainly changed since March 24&26.In Cleveland I forgot how to sit still, I told myself I would stay in but down to the Gund I did go! I wanted to meet God but he sent me his Angels!!!! If you want to be moved, if your looking for something you just can't find, if your looking to just totally blow your mind,pack up the car and just go! Get a ticket for a U2 show. I promise you will not regret it. Well I got to, on the road to more U2 shows Pittsburgh, Columbus and Indianapolis. So I'm telling you if your goal is soul Get off your "arse" and catch a U2 show.

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