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by Mike

Living in Cleveland my whole life, I've never seen Gund Arena as full of people or heared it as loud as it was last night. (Remember the Cavs play there...)
I really feel for the couple thousand people that got caught in the beer lines as U2 made their very casual house up enterance. They may have missed the most exciting "casual" enterance in rock history.
The whole set was solid. Having only seen the Popmart tour in person, it was nice to see a more stripped down set. I now fully believe that U2 could set up on a street corner at noon and be equally as amazing and dynamic. The lights and effects only really added to New York and as always (the spine tingling all red begining of) Streets.
Bono had the best vocal night I've heared live yet, only cracking a bit during the final chorus of Pride.
Bad was great, Kite was sturdy and beautiful, even though Bono warned of "only playing this a few times", and Stay was a great unexpected treat.
As they left the stage, Bono stated that "we'll see you sooner rather than later this time". Oh I hope he was right, and they'll be back soon. I'll program several Ticketmaster numbers into my speed dial just in case.
Does anyone in Pittsburgh, Colombus, or Detriot have any floor tix they would like to sell? Damn that looked like fun!

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