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by cliff

To be completely honest usually when I have to drag my a@@ out of a venue after a concert it's because I've done myself in with the usual suspects with the raw hand and even rawer voice the only evidence that I was at a concert and not a usual night out. After last night's U2 show in Cleveland however I left the Gund under the weather because U2 not only blew me away (even more so than Popmart; a good show no matter what they say) they gave me (and a great many fans also) what can only be considered a religious, ecstatic experience. The singing, the dancing, the screaming for more, the foolish yet incredibly meaningful attempts (screaming even louder, pointing, etc. )at drawing Bono's attention as he engaged the fans on the floor from the heart shaped stage all combined to drain me of my physical energies and replaced them with (no b.s.) a weird spiritual mojo that left me buzzing almost a full 24 hours after the show. It was an amazing show that left me feeling strangely completely fulfilled in ways I didn't think rock and roll could. Thanks U2 and I look forward to seeing you in Buffalo.

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