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by Fats

U2, Cleveland.. what else in this world can be better? Strip it down, let it show. I've been a U2 fan for my life (9/81) and only previously witnessed PopMart, (AWESOME) and tears of joy fell over my face, but this close up, lay it out view of my all time favorite band left me stunned. I sat untill I was made to leave. Luckily I live in Michigan and the Detroit show is still to come. (though I need tickets!!) Larry, Adam, Bono, The Edge are GODs. People talk of natural highs, well this Elevation tour has made me more high than any drug in this universe.
Also a note for Cleveland.. Rock on! I've been to a fair share of big cities, but Cleveland you are the coolest.
Also, to that guy that Bono plucked up onto the ramp... damn.. you are the luckiest guy on earth. And not too shabby at making a show of it.
U2 Fans ar the best fans. Bono's voice is Gold, The Edge's Guitar is better. Cleveland, Gund Arena, U2 I will never forget.

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