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by ash`

After literally sixteen years of waiting thanks to a non-stop comedy of errors that kept me from seeing every U2 appearance in this area since I bought 'The Unforgettable Fire,' I finally got to see U2 in concert last night.

Was the show worthy of my sky-high expectations? Absolutely, and then some. I walked into the Gund at about 7:45 not knowing what to expect, and staggered out into the streets three hours and change later half-deaf, soaked in sweat, and nearly delirious with joy.

What can I say? This was *it*. Having attended nearly 100 concerts in my lifetime, I don't think I have ever come out of one as emotionally overwhelmed as this. So many great songs delivered with passion and panache, coupled with production values that perfectly accent the music without ever diverting attention away from the band or the songs.

Frequently being within ten to fifteen feet of Bono and The Edge was sufficient enough to send me into orbit alone, but it was the music that really pushed this experience over the top. There were simply too many great moments to list here in detail, but I have to give special mention to that mid-show triple-whammy of a stripped-down "Stay," a truly radiant "Bad," and a white-knuckle blast through "Where The Streets Have No Name." The cumulative effect of these songs back-to-back just about reduced me to tears, and still the show went on. I would have gladly paid five times face value for that spot I had on the floor... it was that good.

To those who have yet to go to one of these shows, do yourself a favor and get general admission tickets. Get as close as you can to the "point" of the heart-shaped walkway, and let the music, lights, and your proximity to the band do the rest. You won't be disappointed.

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