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by Brian Ormiston

I was an unfortunate soul who missed the PopMart tour and have been waiting for a long time to see U2. I just didn't expect what was going to happen at the Gund on Thursday. My buddy and I got front row center in the heart and waiting in line since 9:00 AM was well worth it. We both agreed that concert won't be topped. My sweat on my forehead started as soon as Elevation began and when Bono reached his hands out to us, as if playing a game to see who could come the closest to him, everyone almost died. Gradually I went from jumping up and down to having a sense of wonder of where I was. When the chords of Bad engulfed the arena, I had to "let it go" and I started getting a little teary eyed. With Ruby Tuesday and 40 thrown in and Streets coming out at the end of that, I went into shock from how unbeiliably great it sounding. My friend had to put his arm around me just to make sure I was alright. I was more than alright, I was in Heaven, just for one night.

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