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by The Fly Guy

This was my first of 4 Elevation Tour concerts, and this concert was by far the best I have ever attended. U2 had a certain energy that I have not seen from any band in the past. Bono sounded excellent and Edge, Adam, and Larry were hitting every tune beautifully. The night opened up with the casual entrance with an eruption into 'Elevation'. The setlist stayed about the same as it was in Minnesota except U2 included 'I Remember You' at the end of 'One'. Bono was very talkative during the show dedicating 'In A Little While' to the late Joey Ramone. He also spoke a lot about Ohio, from Baltimore's stealing of the Ravens (Browns) and how we got them back, to past gigs such as the playing at the old Agora with an all girl band called 'Bitch' 20 years ago, to stopping in the middle of 'I Will Follow' and speaking about something that happening 20 years ago, to mentioning the problems in Africa before 'One', which really got to me. Bono also brought a couple of people onto the stage. The first one was a guy who was body surfing to the stage during 'Where the Streets Have No Name' and was going to be kicked out until Bono put a stop to the security guards and brought the lad on the stage. Together Bono and the guy ran along the heart. Anyways, during 'Mysterious Ways' Bono brought woman by the name of Ann Becker, I believe, onto the stage. He danced with her for a while, but what impressed me, was she took the role of the 'belly dancer' from the ZooTV tour. I am not sure if this was setup, or this was a stoke of luck, which is what I think since Bono was very surprised by the woman. Bono kept her on the stage for the entire song and brought her to the apex of the heart where they danced some more and Bono had the Edge play a few more chords so that this stroke of luck could be prolonged. After the song, Bono asked the crowd to thank 'Ann Becker' and I think everyone thought it was setup. Ann, I think that's your name, if you are out there reading this, thank you for making the night that much more special for me, I enjoyed you up there with Bono. You were great. I can't highlight any one part of the concert that was better than the other. I was in another state of mind. In essence, I was elevated to a higher place. I lost my voice, my hands hurt from clapping, my legs hurt from dancing, but I can't wait to do it all again next week in Chicago on the 13th, 15th, and 16th. Thank you U2! Steve

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