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by Antonio V.

I'm Antonio Volpe from Bari (Italy) and I want to tell you the story mine and of my two friends (Michele and Vittorio) about the second concert in Hallenstadion, Zrich (24.07). At the beginning of Kite I showed to Bono a sign where I had wrote: "Bari (Italy) asks you: Running to stand still". So, Bono red it and sayed at the microphone: "It was a problem!". Then they played Kite. At the beginning of Pride Bono looks and points at us says "Italy,Italia" and then sings Pride (!!!!). Before playing One my friend Michele shows the sign again; Bono reads it, then says something to Edge and then they play One; at the end of the song Bono looks at us and (incredible to say!!!!) they sing RUNNING TO STAND STILL !!!!!!!. The other fans give thanks to us and I and my two friends shout to Bono: "THANKS!!!!!!!" while Edge smiling says: "Is wrong" 'cause he doesn't remember the chords.

Here are the photos:

The first photo is taked while Bono is playing Running to stand still with the band.

The second photo I'm send you shows Bono and Adam playing One (in the corner there is "La Stampa").

The third photo is taked by Vittorio while I'm showing the sign to Bono before playing Kite. As soon as Bono reads the sign he comes to the microphone to say: "It was a problem!";On the background Adam is tryin' to read the sign too.

In the fourth photo Bono is reading the first page of the italian journal "La Stampa" (21.07.2001) taken from a boy in the crow. In effect Bono take the journal, look at the photo, turns the head as he woud to say :"What a bad thing!" and he sings loudly the final part of One :"Here me scratching Lord..."

In the last photo I'm with Vittorio and Michele showing the si8, 20D

Bye and compliment for your site!

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