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by Michael Haag

Hi all,
as you probably know the 2 concerts in Zurich were sold out in around 17min (24000 tickets). I tried as well to get a ticket for the second concert, as the first one was already sold out. Unfortunately I have had no luck to get through to a person on the phone (tried it by calling with three phones simultaneous!!). Could you imagine how unhappy I was? July, 21st 2001 was my 27th birthday. Since that date I believe in angels. (Angel-) Isabelle, one of my very best friend, bought a ticket on an Internet-auction which she gave me as a, sorry, THE birthday gift (thanks again, Isa, you're the sweetest thing). I don't know if you can imagine how happy I was. This was, no doubt, the very best concert I've ever seen in my life. I'll never forget the walls coming up when they played 'Where the Streets have no name'. Since July, 24th no nothing else has been played anymore in the CD player in my car. My thank goes out to the Swiss audience, which was just great. Finally, thanks to U2 which is (particularly on that date) worlds greatest Rock Band! What a beautiful day. Walk on...

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