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by Mike Roden

Probably the best stage and light show I will ever see, and the visibility was fantastic - nobody in the stadium could complain that they couldn't see - the stage design is a big big success. - I particularly appreciate this as I was one of the people reduced to watching you last time at Hampden on a big TV attached to the side of the stage wall !!!

Love the new bass, looked fantastic.

Sound was mostly very good (at its best the best quality for a stadium gig I have heard) but it did vary at times, and then the outage came - full marks for playing on guys!!

I was very surprised by the lack of tollerance from a large sector of the fan base when the sound dropped out - booing and whistling after about 30 seconds - where is your loyalty and understanding people???

Overall the show was top class, keeping the audience attention with subtle and quality changes to songs and nice add-ons.

Finally the light show for City of Blinding Lights was mystifying, intense, captivating and felt like I was on the set of close encounters............perfect

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