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by Daniel

I was looking over these two concerts at the coliseum and I think I was at the second show with my brother who stood out in the cold days earlier to get tickets.

The Bo Deans opened the show and they were very good, don't know whatever happened to them, but probably the best opening band I've seen for U2.

This was my first U2 concert, I was a fan of their music, but after this show I was changed person. I can still hear the band, remember my approximate seating location and some of the banners people draped on themselves and on the walls.

The energy in that place was unbelieveable. So much can be said about U2's music, not enough has been said about the people who come to the concert party.

One of my last memories of the show was Bono saying, "The tour ends here tonight, we've got to go to Arizona for some filming, but the tour ends here".

I just came back from Hawaii for the last show of the Vertigo tour. As great as that show was with 47,000 people, this show with 10,000 people blew Hawaii away!


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