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by Peter "Radar" Maheras

Excelent Show!

I think this was my 20th show since 1985 and aside from the first back home in Tornto on March 28th, 1985 this was one of my favorites. I was born in Greece and always wanted to see a show in "My Hometown" and after managing getting tickets for this show I planned my holidays around the Thessaloniki show.

Getting inside the venue, which was'nt really a venue but Harbour Port Yards-
they built the stage around these yards-very interesting. Close to 200,000 people were expected to et through a 6 foot wide gate-very unorganized if you ask me.

Once inside I headed directly to the B Stage which I managed o be one of the first there-AMAZING!

Bono's voice was rescued by the crowd and also by a Greek MD who Bono thanked!

The banner as a lot of you know went missing during/after the show and although I do suspect who took it I do not want to start "rumors"

I'm desperately looking for a taping of this show-VIDEO or AUDIO -pleaseeeeee.

Thank You

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