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by thomas (foh)georgantas

The crowd was huge, almost 100000 people came
that night from all over Greece
to see the best rock band in the world.
When i walked into the area, i remember that great cluster of 60 orange clair brothers s-4 speakers (a perfect mono design)
Everything on this show was fantastic, the sound clear and loud( edges guitar sounded so f##### perfect), the moving lights, the computerized images on the huge screen...
But most of all, the performance of the band
was the key to the most succesfull concert ever in Greece.
I have seen a lot of good live gigs so far but nothing can match that popmart show!!
Seven years later i still hear the bass intro of "gone" with 30Hz shake the body of a whole city, a city that needs desperatly one more U2 show in the near future i hope..
THANK YOY U2, THANK YOU CLAIR BROTHERS for making us feel so happy that night....
Thomas Georgantas

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