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by Ece Dorsay

I am a big Turkish U2 fan. That concert was my first concert of my favorite band. I really enjoyed it coming all the way from Turkey even it was not permitted for us to pass the line, and we heard also that U2's 2 trucks couldn't enter. I wrote that U2 concert into turkish music magazine.

It was really the best show I've ever been so far..But I wonder if they would come to Turkey as well.

They sung Hold Me, Thrill Me very well.

Bono impressed by Sarajevo concert the night before dedicated the song ONE to Sarajevo; it was an unforgettable moment.

As usual he danced with a girl and he said that there were great doctors in Thesaloniki they cured his voice...Bono was jumping, running with an incredible energy. At one moment he came at the left side of the stage where we were and looked at back of the stage and laughed. I don't know to whom he did that.

After all the difficulties to pass the line we've been able to watch them live and I hope I do it again soon.

Even my mom cheered up cause Edge sung an old cover called Sugar Sugar... so it was the greatest experience I ever had..you can read it in Blue Jean magazine.

I also wanna be famous musician like them. I am so sure after this experience, too. I hope they come to Turkey soon one day. And hope to meet BONO someday.

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