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by Sean A

What a night!!!! I can't describe how much better U2 was, especially Bono, Sunday in Hartford than they were the previous day in Albany. First of all, you could just tell they were totally on from the beginning. Whereas Saturday's crowd was lifeless, Sunday's crowd was full of energy. I can't think of any second of down time in this amazing show. The highest moments were Stuck In A Moment, which has been played pefectly for all U2 shows I've seen, I Will Follow, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Bad, Streets, and The Fly was awesome. The reworked version rules!! Unfortunately Bono doesn't run through the tunnel like he did for the two Florida shows, but he does do a couple of laps around the heart. As I mentioned in the Albany review, it was the worst show I've seen U2 perform. This however, had to be in the top 3 out of 14 shows I've seen since '92. It was amazing!! U2, as I expected, made up for an off night and will continue to do so in Boston and at the New York/New Jersey shows where I can't wait to see them again!!!

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