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by Sam Boutros

This was my 3rd, and sadly, final US 360 show. For all 3 shows I was GA. For the first 2 I was up close to the outer ring but for this show I stood by the A/V tent in the back - trying to take in the entire claw and screen show. What a truly amazing experience these guys put on! What a great night! The band sounded amazing, lots of smiles from the four of them and a great setlist - it was great to hear Bad and it's great that Miss Sarajevo has been unearthed for inclusion towards the end of this tour - it's one of those gems in my book, especially with Bono singing the opera portion. The only way to top tonight would have been to include Ultraviolet.

On the U2 entourage spotting front - I got to see Willie W., Joe O. and Paul M. I think Paul Mcguinness is the Lance Armstrong of gum chewing... I also ran into Matt McGee after the lights came back on. Rock on! After the lights came back on I swam up stream to go check out the claw/stage/screen one last time. What an amazing piece of technology that these guys brought to life!

Thank you U2 for another amazing tour!

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