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by Mistca2011

I saw the tour at Giants Stadium in 2009, and Philly 12 days ago, and I would have to say that this show was 10xs better than either of those two.

I get disgusted with reading some posts from people saying that it is a shame they decided to close the US tour in Pittsburgh. Really? So the show wasn't a complete sell out. So what? You got 60K people in Heinz Field. It was pretty nicely populated compared to the PopMart show I saw at Three Rivers.

This was my 2nd inner circle experience of the tour (the 1st was Philly). The crowd was just as into it or moreso than in Philly.

I don't know what show some people were watching when they say that it seemed like the band was going through the motions. They came out on fire from the beginning, so much that my best friend and I glanced over at each other and confirmed that the were "on."

Highlights for me were:
1. "Two Hearts Beat as One" snippet - my friend and I had discussed making a sign to request some song...we mentioned Two Hearts, and thought that would be cool. Then to hear Bono sing those words, it took a few seconds to register it all. My jaw dropped. Was Bono tapping my cell phone?

2. Bad/40 - unbelievable... the fact that the person the song was written about was in the audience added to it...40 was a nice touch to end the show.

Loved every moment of it. Out of the 8 shows I've seen in 14 years, this one was the absolute best of them all.

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