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by dwaltman

I grew up south of Harrisburg, PA but was not in the state at the time of the U2 rehearsals and concert.  It's funny thinking about this now in 2016.  I didn't even know about the rehearsals until mid-week and the only reason I knew about the concert is because one friend remembered I was a U2 fan and bought me an extra ticket.  Today, I would have known if U2 were even thinking of rehearsing somewhere.

Anyway, I made the 6 hour trip from Rochester NY to Hershey PA.  I had seen the indoor tour just a few feet from the b-stage but I was in the grandstands for the outdoor show.  It was interesting to see the show grow into the Outdoor Broadcast show. 

The set list speaks for itself but they did play Pride twice and what hasn't been mentioned in previous reviews is that the crowd also joined in a sing-a-long for the Edge's birthday.  His birthday was the next day.  I believe their was a cake on stage as well. 

I believe the money from the ticket sales went toward the Hershey Medical Center.  It was a unique opportunity and glad I got to experience it.

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