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by bob turk

Though I think the band had to keep the volume down in this little high school football stadium, this was a stunning show which was also loose and informal ("Welcome to our rehearsal", chimed Bono). I'd seen the indoor version of the tour a couple of months earlier and was eager to see the 'Outside Broadcast' - little did anyone know that the band would actually play a show after a week of rehearsals; I got lucky because my girlfriend's mom worked for the company that sponsored shows at the stadium and she hooked us up (plus a little help from my brother, thanks for the use of the credit card!).
The "Hallelujah" chorus at the end of "Running.." was quite the religious experience, the coolest thing was how Bono walked slowly back to the main stage and turned around at the last minute, so dramatic! I remember they played "Pride" twice.

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