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by Alan

Saw the show the beginning of the first US leg at Gillette back in 2009, so it is interesting to compare as they complete the tour now. 14 songs were the same two years later. 24 songs this time, 23 2 years ago. We were closer at Gillette, just 3 deep off the outer rail in front of Edge, this time about 8 deep outer rail in front of Adam. In my limited list of overall U2 shows attended (7 since Joshua tree) these two are back to back with Montreal being a bit better just because shows in Montreal are what they are. Also, I was not following set lists this go around, so I really did not know what to expect, the start with a bunch of Achtung tunes was fantastic. The impromptu RAIN snippet at the end as the heavens opened up was great. Boys were in great form and really show no signs of stopping anytime soon. A side note on GA. I really do not understand the stress over GA. We arrived in line at about 4pm, got into the stadium about 4:45 and were just off the rail, could have gotten into the pit if we wanted and could have gotten on the rail had we been a bit more aggressive. Down at Gillette, same thing, we arrived in line about 4pm, gates opened at 6pm and were just off the rail, could have gotten in pit if we wanted. So all this bother about lining up hours and hour before, have a fan based or facility based numbering system, and folks stressing about the whole experience seems useless, at least in my experience.

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