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by Mark Baker (U2BROTHR)

Oh snap. I can say wholeheartedly, (apart from the GA Line troubles.....blame security), MONTREAL FANS are INCREDIBLE!

What a show. The LOUDEST show I think I've ever been too. Talk about a festive atmosphere. Outside of the stadium, it was a carnival outside. So many people. So many happy U2 fans. So many Montrealers in love with this band. It was incredible to travel from Ontario over to Montreal to see U2 perform in such a huge venue built specifically for this show.

And what a show indeed. I've never heard Bono speak so much French. Being an Anglophone myself, I was impressed and it seemed the people of Montreal were impressed as well. Not just a little chitter chat from the B man. We're talking full on sentences. Bono's voice was right on point tonight as well.

I was in the pit near the back rail. This was a new perspective for me as I usually try to be up close in the front. It was so enjoyable and the people I met during the day made the show fantastic. (remember the time you saw U2 for the 1st time? Some folks around me were newbies).

U2 did it proper as always with tremendous energy.

But....then....MOS ended the show....and the rains came.

Ever see 80000 people try and run to one subway station. It was apocalyptic. The rains. There was no cover. People everywhere....running....

Amazingly, everyone was still in such great spirits.

Stay classy, Montreal :)

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