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by Richard Lyonnais

Hello to all,

First of all I want to say that I'm a huge U2 fan since 1991. I've seen them 10 times live (all in Montral and starting with the Popmart tour) and I even met Bono in 2005. So I have no idea how to start this review... I think I'll the the pros and cons and after that you guys can figure it out !!!

Cons :

1) The time it took to get to the venue and back again (more than 1 1/2 to get there and 2 hours to get back home). Too many people for the venue !!!

2) The opening act was ok but no one was really into them. The croud was there for U2 and it showed.

3) The bleechers... Like I as saying before I'm a huge U2 fan (ahaha), I would sit down and the bench was bending under me. Not to say that they constanly moved during the show. Everyone was scared to move.

Pros :

1) The sound was amazing. To have such a big venue and to have the sound so clear was amazing. Lound beyond belief and cristal clear. Better than in an indoor concert.

2) The setlist was something I was wishing for since ages. Achtung in your face for most of the night. Can't turn back time to see them in 91-92-93, so I can say I got a bit of Zoo TV in me now.

3) The band never seems to get old. They have so much charisma and energy (even if Bono's voice was suffering at times tonight).

4) The musicianship in that group is chemistry in the making. Adam's bass rumbled all night long (I wish I could play like that), Larry's steady beat and hard hiting, and the Edge... master at his art !!!

5) The lighting... the claw... No words can describes what I saw (speechless)!!! Even with all this technology, U2 can still be there in your face... Their presence is unreal !!

6) For the first time, their political and humanitarian messages were there but well integrated in the show. Subtle but nice !!!

Anyway I could go on for ages... I had a great time... I now I'm thinking of taking my car for Toronto or Moncton ... Now who wants to babysit my kids for two days !!! ??? ihihihihih

Keep on smiling and U2 rock on for the next 10 years ... please... my kids need to live this experience !!


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