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by Caroline

What a great second show for Montreal. The song changes fulfilled almost every wish that I had, except for Magnificent and Bad, BUT I was not willing to sacrifice any songs for these, so it would have had to have been a longer show :-).. Can only ask for as much as we get which is way more than anyone gives. U2 gave it all again in a passionate high energy show.

New year's Day and All I want is you were soooo great. I absolutely LOVE ZOOROPA live, even though a lot of people at the shows don't know it, but it has to stay---was my favorite song for many years.

Hoping for some surprises in Moncton, but only for us crazies who see them many times per tour! Everyone I know who saw Montreal #1 (friends who are not huge fans) were completely blown away!!!. Tonight was just me and my hubby, the diehards.

The Fan cam is a lot of fun and so are the stats on the screen during the stage changeover after Interpol. Interpol's sound was great tonight, and I LIKE them now!!!

An aside: The guitarist is fun to watch, and the lead singer is a cross between Brad Pitt and David Bowie =HOT!!

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