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by Russel Fuerst

After being in New York with my brother Robert and seeing U2 at their first US gig, I had to see them if they came to LA. And they did. After buying October I NEEDED to see the boys like you wouldn't believe. But while their sound had changed a bit, their live act remained intact. After buying the U2 LIVE Book and looking at all the dates that I had been to, it was abundantly clear that this author knew what he was talking about. Everything he mentioned I could remember from the show. He writeds that" A Day Withour Me is included for the first time since New Haven". Course I wouldn't have even known if I didn't read the book, but ok, and that the song follows I Threw a Brick...ok...seems fuzzy on the song order, but I remember hearing it.

In terms of the setlist, based on what they did the rest of the US october leg, it seems fitting, cause i can't remember that far back, and I didn't write it down, so here goes:

Gloria/Another Time, Another Place/I Threw a Brick/A Day Without Me/An Cat Dubh/Into the Heart/With a Shout/Rejoice/Cry-Electric Co./I Fall Down/October/Stories For Boys/I Will Follow/Twilight/Out Of Control

encore: Fire/11 OClock Tick Tock/The Ocean/I Will Follow

Again, I can't remember, but based on the rest of the leg this seems right.

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