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by Mark McGinnis

This was my first U2 show, as most Americans of my age (born in '66) would say. I recall it as a good show, but mainly want to quibble with the memory of the previous review.

The band that was late was Los Lobos. They had a major hit on their hands with "La Bamba" and so were an hot opening act. The long delay was after the BoDeans (still an great band!). While the Beatles and Stones were a nice recorded diversion, the delay was getting pretty noticeable after an hour plus. That is when the Dalton Bros. made their appearance.

I freely admit I was none the wiser. They did a couple of tunes, and still we waited a while more before Los Lobos made their appearance. Eventually that band from East LA made an appearance, played a few songs, cranked out "La Bamba" then made way for the headliners.

That is why the previous reviewer can't remember the Dalton Bros.-U2 transition.

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