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by u2s5thmember

note: Some of my review of this show uses the Saturday 5/21/11 show for comparison.

I finally got inside about a third of the way through the show. I remember when I first got in Bono had just pulled out the harmonica during AIWIY & I chuckled to myself "Ha! He's doing the harmonica thing again - cool!"

After I made my way down to the field, the first thing I noticed was that people weren't pushing to get to the railing. There were seats set out and people were milling about & talking. I was able to walk up toward the railing and "pardon me" once or twice through people drinking & chit-chatting in a circle (during the show! Some with their backs to the band. I know - can you believe it?!?!) and comfortably get to the 2nd row at the front-right railing. This was surreal. Didn't they care they were witnessing rare history? Well I did at least.

I thought Bono's movements were less intense during the rehearsal than the full show. Maybe he didn't want to risk hurting himself. :-) For example, Bono did not do any abrupt upward knee jerks or other sharp movements. I don't know how to describe it other than this: when he gets really feisty and is revving up the crowd he can act "aggressive" or "tough" as an act. During the rehearsal show, overall, his movements seemed softer and more fluid to me than Saturday. However, the soul and the passion was still there. He still gave it his all.

Most attendees were awestruck that "they put on a real show for us." Many said they thought they were coming to watch U2 tune their guitars and play chopped up sections of songs.

There was a lot of the show where Adam was hanging out by his stack of speakers or hanging out in front of Larry... no jumping or other aerobics like 5/21. He walked around quite a bit looking off into the empty seats. It felt to me like he was really in his element - just him and his bass and the music and his thoughts. It was really cool to see. He also had (what seemed to me) a very casual top on until he put on one of the LED jackets. It was interesting to see him playing not in full-on performance clothes. I remember a collared shirt and a sweater. Larry had a collared shirt and a brown jacket on for a while b/c it was pretty chilly that night. He came out in the t-shirt during Crazy so he must have warmed up toward the middle of the show. Bono had the same outfit on (or an exact copy), but the strap on his shoulder was attached unlike the 5/21 show where it was bouncing around to the music just like we were. I'm sorry that I can't remember details about Edge right now. I will try to remember something for you.

For the poetry reading, Bono pulled a woman up from the far right of the outer circle (since no one was in the pit). He did not read with her, but she did give him a hug before she got down.

During Zooropa, when they were in the blue LED jackets, the screen did not fully come down around them. The screen was above their head level to allow their jackets to be fully seen. Also, it the screen had activity and wasn't completely black. During the Saturday 5/21 show you had to look through the black cage to see them and their jackets. I believe this was not intentional and will be fixed by SLC.

During the Amnesty International piece, only about 4 people came out carrying the lanterns. Since most (any?) had not seen previous shows in this tour, the Amnesty part was really powerful! However, I knew from seeing past shows with the masks etc, that they were scaling back relative to what would be shown the next night. It was still cool though!

When Bono usually calls out for the audience to participate and sing back to him, he didn't do as much as normal. With such a small crowd & such a huge venue, it might not have gone over well.

After Walk On, everyone started stomping and yelling "One More Song!!!" I was laughing b/c of Course they would play several more songs. They ended with WOWY though which was a great ending for that crowd. Most of the attendees seemed to be execs & their families. Everyone was super nice and most were really blown away by the show. I think this was a great opportunity to reach some non-U2 fans and have some not obsessed U2 fans at the front railing.

It was a magical night for me - one I will never forget.

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