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by u2s5thmember

Hi Folks,

Here are more pics...

One thing I wanted to clarify is that during Zooropa 5/20 the screen didn't come all the way down to form a dark cage around them unlike Denver 5/21. I thought for sure the dark "cage" surrounding them on 5/21 was a technical glitch. But, since posting that, I have read that it was the same way in Mexico. I can't imagine this is the way they wanted it to be since I could barely see their blue LED jackets on 5/21. Imo, it was much cooler on 5/20 b/c I could actually SEE their lit up blue jackets. I guess we will see what they are intending to show after several more performances. In addition the picture on U2.com right now (5/24) shows the cage effect which seems to be all the way down. So maybe they were just testing out something different on 5/20.

Love & Peace,

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