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by Mike from Montana

I have a different view of things concerning this show than someone else posted here. U2 is on what the 3rd year of the top grossing tour by a band in the history of Rock n Roll. I've got U2 360 Live at the Rose Bowl and have watched it so many times it's not even funny while working out. It's like part of my DNA. U2 changed up their songs including the opening song "Breathe". Part of me wanted to hear that song, NLOTH, and other songs off of NLOTH, but was glad to see the guys mix it up. There are people who have seen this tour 2-3 times. Maybe more. I think it's great they can still dig into their bag of tricks so to speak and pull out a song like Zooropa and totally kill it live. How appropriate of a song for where we are in the world right now. I liked opening up with EBTTRT. They changed it up some and really got the crowd into the show right off the bat...as if 3-4 waves around the stadium in "pre-game" didn't already have us pumped. Stay sounded great as did All I want is you. Liked the Heath Ledger joker voice on the beginning of Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me. Wasn't a big fan of that song on Popmart, but it sounded great this go around. "Why sssso ssseriousssah!?!? What time isssss it in the world? iiiiiiiitssssssssss sssshow time!" RIP Heath. : )

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