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by Steve

After sitting in traffic in the lincoln tunnel for 30 minutes, we finally
arrived at Irving Plaza around 7:30.  Security everywhere was tight. 
After I dumped my jacket, We made our way up to where the stage was. 
After walking around to scout out a good spot, and my arch nemises Chuck
Anderson who was also suppose to be there, I hit the bar. This place was
so small, I mean I couldn't believe they were going to play someplace this
small!  Anyway at about 8:30 the Chemical Brothers started their thing.
The room was already starting to fill up.  They weren't bad, but I really
wanted it to be 10 already.  Well the time came, at this point it was
packed people were flooding out into the hall.. Anyway about 10:10 Matt
Pinfield and Will Pindarves came on and did their introduction.
The band came out and blasted into Beautiful Day..The song sounded great!
The whole room was jumping and singing along every verse.
The went into Elevation right after which also sounded great..The new
songs were really coming into their own.. Everyone was singing along with
this one..
I couldn't get a good spot to take pictures, but at this point I found my
guest and she had gained access to the VIP lounge using some smooth
talking! The view wasn't much better up there, but I finally got into a
posistion where I could see the whole band just in time for Stuck in A
Bono dedicated it to Michael Hutchence and the band played a great version
of this song..Right after they played a short version of I remember You by
the Ramones
 Then they kicked into New York. This is my favorite on the album and
naturally it was a highlight of the show as well
After the new stuff was done they dusted off some oldies
They blasted into I Will Follow and played the full song not the butchered
version they used for Popmart.. Everybody sang along..The whole room
shook.After the song Bono said a bit about each band member.. His comments
on Larry were hilarious.."He gave us our first and only job and he never
lets us forget it" then he said he's also too handsome to sing.
Desire was the next one.. They played a great half acoustic half full band
version..Toward the end i guess the roadie forgot to hand Bono his
harmonica..It was funny to see the guy drop the guitar he was tuneing and
run and give Bono the harmonica..The song sounded great!
Next They did the Ground Beneath Her Feet.. The song sounded quiet and
subdued next to their other songs, but was great
Mysterious Ways one of favorites was next.  The song kicked ass! The new
intro sounded great and the whole audience sung along.. The song sounded
so great! Also, I don't know if it was noticed, but in the very begining of the song, Bono confirmed he and Ali are expecting another child! "Oh my baby's having a baby"
One, my all time favorite was next and equally kicked ass..Bono ditched
his regular acoutic guitar that he uses and played with an electric..The
song was perfect. he even inserted snippits of Walk On toward the end of
the song..I saw it performed at Netaid, but with full band the song is incredible.. It was a dream come through for me! I can't believe this is happening!
The band went into All I Want is You then a powerful version of Bad..
They left the stage for a short while..The house went black and everybody
in unison started singing "how long to sing this song" for the next few
The band came back and gave us a huge surprise
"We haven't played this song for most of you lives"
They rocked into 11 O Clock Tick Tock which was a highlight of the show..
I couldn't believe they played this song live..They hadn't played it in
years and it sounded so fresh and just filled the room with energy. This will be a great tour, hopefully we'll see more songs that haven't been played in years. Party Girl, Out of Control, A Sort of Homecoming, Wire, The Unforgettable Fire, A Celebration, Seconds, 40, In God's Country, One Tree Hill, The Fly, Dirty Day, Stay ect.
They closed the show with Won't Get Fooled Again by the Who.. The song was
full of energy and ended the show on a high note..

Personally I feel lucky and honored to attend an even such as this.. It
will be a night I'll never forget. I'll never have the oppertunity to see
U2 in an environment such as this..I can't wait for the tour!
What a night, what a show!

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