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by Nittmo

I actually went to this show...Jeez, I can't believe dat it's been SEVENTEEN YEARS!!!!

Anyhoo, I happened to be a BIG fan of BAD (even tho' it was BAD II at dis show), plus, I was able to say dat I saw Public Enemy - two of the perks of going to dis show. To be fair, I was under the influence, so I don't 'member a whole lot (in addition to da fact dat it was 17 years ago), but I remember it being fantastic show overall. I was pretty close to da catwalk dat Bono sang from, so I had a good view. My most vivid memory was U2 doing "Unchained Melody". It was a beautiful performance.

Anyway, not sure if anyone particularly cares about dis review, but it sure is bringing back some great memories of that particular era of my life - the early nineties. Even though I was already beyond my youthful years (28) in 1992, I was having a great time then, and U2 was part of the soundtrack to my life. I fondly remember hearing Fight The Power at all the clubs I went to, listening to BAD while driving around wit my friends, and always having U2 on while I entertained women at my bachelor pad (Joshua Tree & Unforgettable Fire are two albums that are fantastic to listen to while getting intimate at home.....trust me). Anyway, things aren't going so well right now fer me, but reminiscing here definitely provided a nice momentary respite......

Now, where's the Pink Floyd site? I THOUGHT dat I sawr some kind of porcine-looking ballon flying overhead during The Division Bell Tour when dey stopped at da Orange Bowl....Oh, yeah, and out of the 70,000+ fans, I sat down, and one of my favorite cousins just happened to be sitting directly in front of me, and after our initial shock at this coincidence, we proceeded to light up, sit back, relax, and listen to some GREAT music......

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