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by Dina

I was a senior in high school when I went to see this show (it was my first U2 concert)and I still have my ticket stub. I remember having to pee in the parking lot and went in this alcove-type area next to an outdoor wall of the stadium. It smelled like a zoo. For the show itself -- I remember Bruce coming out and we were all going nuts. Bono said something about his arm being broken or hurt(I think it may have been in a sling?)and said he needed some help playing the guitar. So Bruce comes out and plays guitar on Stand By Me I think it was. I remember the entire stadium singing 40 and it just blew me away. To hear 100,000 plus people singing in unison like that was simply unbelievable. It gave me the chills/goosebumps and made me a U2 fan to this day.

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