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by ronnie biggs

Wow...this was my first U2 show. I was in college at the time but went to the show with my friend and these 3 gals that were his friend but were jr in high school. We got caught in a traffic jam going to the show, and we were about a mile out side of JFK. I told my friend, im getting out, and anyone that want to run to the staduim with me, get out now. Well, one gal took me up on the offer, the others were prob too lazy. Well, Little Steven did his last song, and before U2 came on, me and this gal keep warm until the opening of WTSHNN. All I remember was HOLY S***, this is like seeing god, i was BLOWN AWAY. Once they started I dont remember what was going on around me, but that U2 was blowing my mind. This was a great show and I still have my concert poster and ticket stub. What a show, this was the first one of many!!!

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