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by John

Wow- I had forgotten all about that Jet passing over during "Bullet". that was absolutely mind blowing- everyone there just freaked out because it was timed perfectly with the song starting! For those who dont know, JFK Stadium (the Wachovia center is on that site now) is very close to Philadelphia International Airport- so that plane was close to landing when it passed over so low.

Otherwise the other main highlights of this show:
1. Bono's arm in a sling and him asking "who will play my guitar? Can Bruce Springsteen pay my guitar?" The place goes nuts with a giant BRUUUUUCEE chant as he sings "Stand By Me" with Bono- unreal!

2. The opening song- "Where the Streets Have No Name"- with the lights and opening music- gave everyone chills!

3. I dont know who else remembers this- but before the show started, The Beatles "twist and Shout" and "I saw her standing there" played over the PA- EVERYONE in the place was singing both at the top of their lungs! The crowd was totally in a festive atmosphere!

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