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by PradipD. Patel

The Goal is Soul!!!

That is what U2 provided last night at the Joyce Center on the campus of Notre Dame. We are at a critical juncture in our society and we need soul-cleansing. U2 provided just that service with the the beautiful renditions of their anthems last night. There was a deeper sense of meaning to many of their songs including Sunday Bloddy Sunday, One, Walk On, Pride, I Still Haven't Found..., etc. The band was running on all cylinders. Larry was doing a masterful job orchestrating the unit. Adam kept the rhythm flowing. The Edge gave the work a sense of elegance. Bono was frought with emotion. Whether that was grief, pride, love and despair; he did it with sheer precision.

The whole of the performance was fantastic. No one highlight could be brought to centerstage without taking away from the other countless highlights. There was a tremendous sense of community last night with the best example being the marching out of the NY city police/firefighters during the performance of Walk On.

I have seen U2 for the fourth time on the Elevation Tour and I am highly anticipating the other shows to come over the next few weeks!

Continue your work to attempt to infuse some soul into the hearts of your fans.

Pradip D. Patel

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