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by Phil Bridges

I saw this concert when I was a freshman at UNC, at the age of 19. I'm now 43, and I still remember this as one of the top concerts I've ever seen.

It began with rap group Grand Master Flash, followed by the Producers. Then came U2.

It was raining in Kenan Stadium, which just added to the atmosphere, especially for the "WAR" tour. When U2 did "New Year's Day," I remember the Edge sitting at a piano with his guitar across his lap playing the introduction to the song on the piano (priceless).

At one point during the concert, Bono began climbing up the vertical rigging tower, while carrying a large white flag. It seemed impromptu. He made his way up on top of the scaffolding, at least 20-25 feet above the stage (in the rain), waving the white flag, a scene for the ages.

At one point, I remember the Edge walking out from under the covered stage onto the exposed catwalk. I believe he slipped and almost fell, but caught himself. I think he was playing a black guitar, possibly a classic stratocaster.

The UNC security personnel (just a year or two older than us), were keeping us in the stands, away from the fence / stage. At the very end of the concert, everyone broke through security and ran out of the stands and up to the fence that separated the band from the crowd.

It was pouring down rain as Bono and Company belted out the last song with everyone jumping up and down as it just poured on us.

I had to leave the concert early for a meeting in Raleigh, NC some 30 miles away. I left as soon as U2 finished, and never even saw Todd Rudgren, the "headliner."

U2 rocked. I think they were 21-22 years old.

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