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by Bart

I was very glad to hear that Bono's voice was in great shape. This 2nd leg of the tour they all seem to be/play in better shape. Before his back surgery Bono was more 'speaking' the lyrics than he was singing them.
The Claw was indeed a great thing to see. And the video screen was what it should be: BIG and to be seen in the whole stadium. The Claw did make the stadium smaller, mor intimate. A lot more intimate than when they played there during the Vertigo tour in 2005.
A shame that the King Baudoin stadium sounds a bit crappy. Everthing sounded so 'sharp'. Sometimes you couldn't hear Edges solo's and high notes. And if you did hear them it was with sore eardrums!
Hope they play the Werchter field again next time (they did for the popmart and zoo TV tour)The sound is much better there.

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