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by Cathy

The best concert I have ever seen so far. It was amazing.
This was the third (and last) concert I went to this tour.
My parents and I were on holiday in Ireland and my mother was so nice to make sure we would be in Dublin at the time of the concerts, even though I had no ticket. My friend also flew in from Belgium for 2 days. She first had to argue with her parents for a whole week. They said it was rediculous to travel to Ireland without a ticket. She didn't listen to them and came over.
The day of the first concert we went ticket hunting. It took us an hour, but we found 2 tickets for the second night(thanks ma for the last 10 Pounds).
And than finally, we went to the concert site. It was raining, but who cares. I could see U2 in their hometown.
Than Popmusic started and my friend and I started singing and dancing till the end of the show. Fortunately the crowd was great.
The highlight for me was MLK. In the early hours of the night before Lady Diana had died in a car crash, so this song was a tribute to her. The screens showed her picture. It touched me and the effect was amazing. No big speech or anything, just the words of MLK. This song has now a very own meaning to me, because seven months later my dad died of a long illness. MLK was played at his funeral and since then this song reminds me of him.
The concert was great, and worth every penny I spent on it.
Thanks U2 for making such great music.

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